My ideas

If you want an organized, catalogue-style, all-inclusive trip,
this is not the page you are looking for;
there are plenty of agencies for this type of travel. But if you are looking for an adventure that may make some of your dreams come true, stay a while – you may have found the right address.


There's more to Europe than famous cities. It also has countless landscapes of extraordinary beauty, romantic forests and magnificient mountains, small historical towns with universities that were founded nearly a thousand years ago, a climate with four very distinct seasons, a cuisine with a great variety of regional specialities, good wine, good beer, good bread. You cannot experience all this in just one trip – nor would I recommend you try.


But you can pick out one piece from this great geographic and cultural menu: an area that has always fascinated, attracted, captivated your thoughts. There is one way to enjoy it better than any other mode of travel: simply walking. Sure, you will not reach ten capitals in ten days. But you will reach, in many senses, the heights and the depths of Europe. A land, a landscape, does not open up for a visitor in a hurry, but for somebody who is calm and curious, patient and sensitive. As so often in life: less is more.


I will help you to understand  the landscape: history and culture, beauty and problems, past and future. Walking we can reflect and chat – and enjoy the shared experience.