Suggested tours

The Alps


Situated in the heart of Europe, extending 1200 kilometers in length and 150 to 250 kilometers wide, the peaks reach altitudes up to 4800 meters. Their wild beauty is protected by numerous national parks. A centuries-long struggle to survive in a harsh, hostile environment has formed this gorgeous landscape. Today a population of 13 million, divided into eight nations, lives in the Alps. People speak German, French, Italian and Slovenian – but the remoteness that isolated most of the valleys well into the 20th century helped to preserve a large number of dialects and local languages, such as  Rhaeto-Romanic in Switzerland, Ladinian and Friulian in the North of Italy. Each range, each valley has ist own character – and you can select your area of the Alps according to your preferences.


On these pages I present six tours. Your wishes and capabilities will determine their length and grade of challenge.



• Other mountains


Apart from the Alps, there are dozens of other mountain ranges across Europe. Although in some cases they are not very far away from each other, they nevertheless have very different faces. In Scandinavia you will find vast, high plateaus sprinkled with blue lakes and flecks of snow, where you will hear no other noise than the rush of rivers and waterfalls. Typical for Central Europe are the wonderful hills covered by deciduous and coniferous woodlands, with romantic gorges and valleys, and dreamy villages. In Southern Europe, you can breathe in the aromatic fragrance of sage, lavender and rosemary – and your eyes will be dazzled by landscapes considered to be among the most beautiful in the world: Provence in France, Tuscany in Italy, and the islands of the Mediterranean Sea.


On these pages I present nine tours. Your wishes and capabilities will determine their length and grade of challenge.